Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This article made me laugh out loud. Cintra Wilson, one of the two people who typically write the can't-miss "Critical Shopper" column every Thursday for the New York Times did good with this piece. She covered the opening of Manhattan's very first J.C. Penney store, describing the scene as follows: [this store carries] "Fabulosity, an off-the-belly-chain line of clothing and extremely complicated metallic blood-on-the-dance-floor pumps by Kimora Lee Simmons, which look as if they’d emit sounds of heavy panting if you held them to your ear"

There are more gems as you read on. Definitely one of the most entertaining pieces published in the Style section in a while; it would be in your best interest to read it, email to all your fashion-loving friends, and reminisce about your last trip to Penney's

I'm going to be writing Ms. Wilson's admiration note.

{Image via NYTimes}


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