Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Future Life

In a few years, if my life doesn't look precisely like this I'm going to be crushed. The above photograph looks suspiciously like a certain some one's Riverpark abode; that setting might be the single thing I miss most about Athens

{Images via Her Name Was Lola}


Wonderful Weekend

After a terribly hectic week, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a weekend visiting my lovely family in Connecticut. An all-around lovely experience, including a sleep in the most heavenly bed I can remember and an afternoon lounging pool-side at the club. Most excellent


Friday, August 28, 2009

Books, books, books

Aren't these amazing? They're Penguin Classic books being re-released with pattern-inspired and clothbound book covers. You can find more information about there here.

I obviously want every single one and won't stop until I've collected them all. Being a real freak for interesting book covers, a complete set would truly be the ultimate Christmas gift
{Images via Design Sponge}


Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Finally Here!

Celebrate! Because tonight The September Issue is being released tonight at midnight. Though I'm waiting until 7:30 tomorrow evening, I wish I had the stamina to attend I feel like I've already seen the entire thing and can't wait to purchase and watch it every night, BAT-style

Whomever you decide to go with, enjoy! I'll let you know if it's anything like the real thing


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Other Hemingway

Meet Dree Hemingway. She's, of course, the granddaughter of the genius himself and an aspiring It Girl. Grew up in Idaho, was a serious ballet dancer until recently (and with those legs I can only image the many teachers who wooed her) and has most lately been shot for every magazine/by every photographer of importance. I must admit I'm pretty obsessed myself

{Images via Teen Vogue}


Monday, August 24, 2009

The Style Strategy

Unbeknownst to me, Nina Garcia - who just celebrated her one-year anniversary as fashion director at Marie Claire - released her third book. Though I've never been been a huge fan of the information inside of them (yes, we all know we should have a khaki trench and black stiletto pumps), the design is great and the illustrations are very whimsical, very fashion.

I won't be buying this one but I'll definitely peruse it during my next B&N visit

{Images via Refinery 29}


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Patterns and Peonies

Though I don't know that I'd do an entire room in pink and black, I do love the elements in this composition. Patterned wallpaper and peonies are always something I'll love - and return to as a design element

{Image via Apartment Therapy}



This Craig McDean spread, styled by the always-innovative Alex White, was literally making jaws drops in the office this week. We just couldn't believe how gorgeous and clever and perfect the entire thing is, and several of us noted what an amazing cubicle wallpaper this would be. 

The (exceptionally) genius part is all in the details - yes that is hand stitching you see on that Dior paper-bag skirt. I'm not much for the avant-garde, and I don't always love the semi-scary images conjured up in W, but incredible scenes like these are the reason I return to it month after month.

{Images via Fashion Gone Rogue // Originally published in W, September 2009}


Friday, August 21, 2009

Riding School

Mark Shaw's photographic archives are a gold mine of unusual and beautiful photographs of the wealthy and famous. Here are some girls from Virginia's Foxcroft School, the famously horsey boarding school, milling about the stables before riding. 

Maybe it's all the Season 2 Mad Men I've been watching, but I'd love to join them. Sister was a much better rider than me but I'll always love spending time in the stables and the pleasure of a nice long afternoon ride

{Image via Mark Shaw}


Couture de Force

These Patrick Demarchelier photographs are a slideshow in conjunction with Toujour Couture, a piece by Amy Fine Collins that examines the future of haute couture. Interesting and lovely, something VF is exceptionally good at.

{Images via Vanity Fair}


More Pink

Maybe I love pink so much because of my years in the ballet world. Regardless, I think these photographs are adorable

{Images via Decor 8}


The Powerhouse That is Payless

Payless has done a lot of questionable collaborations. There have been many, many unfortunate shoes produced since. However, I was recently in the (secretly chic) SoHo store and saw some things I had to have.

Now this afternoon I was perusing the site and came across these little numbers. Amazing, I know. The Dauphin Pump, which also comes in black, rings in at $34.99 and is only in limited quantities. I'm sure if you wait a bit you can also take advantage of their famous BoGo sales

Good luck shoppers!

{Image via Payless}


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Party Fantasy

I'm going home in a few weeks and my birthday happens to fall during my trip. I would love nothing more than to have an intimate dinner for my closest friends and family (homemade pizzas and garden salads served with G&Ts, obviously) beneath the branches of a lit tree

Just divine

{Image via ...etc - the alternate site of the lovely girl behind Le Love}


All That Glitters

Love any form of costume jewelry. The most the merrier, and especially, as noted, on a very neutral background. These looks from ages ago are just right, for now and later

{Images via Marie Claire}


Speaking of Displaying Shoes. . .

how about doing the same to a wardrobe? I've seen this done over and over again and still love it. I think it's an absolutely gorgeous way to display the things I'd most like to keep out in the open anyway. Perhaps in a few years I can fill an entire room with these beauties and keep them stocked to the hilt. . .

{Image via ...etc}


Those Danes

Apparently I'm obsessed with a black silhouette and colorful layers on top (though, if anyone has ever seen my turtleneck-and-tights ensemble sported from October to March, they may have already noticed this). These Danish girls are incredible - not only because they all prove to be a ringing endorsement for my favorite ensemble, but also because they have really fresh style.

For more sartorial inspiration, visit the link below

{Images via}