Wednesday, August 5, 2009

September Issues Are Here!

Every month I eagerly anticipate the arrival of magazines. Since I read approximately three dozen, I know the day of the week they come out and which stores in town come out first. Now that I'm in the magazine mecca, they're all available pretty much the day the printers turn them over to distributors (which is excellent news for me)

Neutrals, sexed up styling, and Olsen twins are all among my favorite happenings in publications, and this Marie Claire shoot has them all. Not sure if it's September-issue fabulous, but it's pretty good all around

PS - Did you know The Row is coming out with a men's line this fall? GQ previewed it last month and says it divine

{Images via Marie Claire}


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  1. I LOVE THE OLSEN TWINS! Great call on putting this up, ses :) miss you!