Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I (secretly) love Teen Vogue. The little sister to the fashion bible typically has great styling ideas and interesting shoots (though unlike it's older sibling, things are usually pretty hit or miss)

Loving Emma Watson in the British-country-aristo-running-amok-at-the-family-manse look.

{Images via Teen Vogue}


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I frequently become obsessed with things. Though I joke about my obsessive personality, I really can't get something off my mind until I've become bored of it. And so begin my "obsessed" segments. First up. . .

Ballet! Cannot.get.enough. Who would have thought after all these years I'd be locked in my room reading Balanchine books again. Watched two documentaries in as many days (Étoiles - Dancers of the Paris Opéra Ballet and The Dancer, both quite good), went to see a performance of the New York City Ballet, and can't quite stop returning to Ballet Alert!, a website dedicated entirely to dissecting dance in it's many facets. In honor of my favorite pasttime, a few photos

{Suzanne Farrel, then of NYCB, with George Balanchine during rehearsal}

{Yuan Yuan Tan of San Francisco Ballet on stage}

{Irina Dvorovenko of ABT in rehearsal}


{Images via ABT, Ballerina Gallery, Marc Haegeman}


Monday, June 15, 2009

Check Out. . .

. . . The Lens, the photography, video, and video journalism blog of The New York Times. Extensive photo essays are published constantly; at the least they're interesting, at best stunning. Readers' photos and archival images are also published frequently.

{Photo by Damon Winter, a "Road to Office Picture Story" winner at the Best of Photojournalism 2009 awards, presented every year from the National Press Photographers Association}

Excuse Me, Sir? May I Have a Kiss?

(phone home.)

reunited at last. let the summer commence! ses

Good Girl

Always loved Ginnifer Goodwyn, who changed the spelling of her first name to it's pronunication in her home state of Tennessee. I'm not much for midriffs, but that's a phenomenal cover shot. Cute girl, good actress, racy photos.

Try anything once, right?

{Images via W magazine}

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gotta Love a Jewel Tone

My grandmother used to have a jade green vase filled to the brim with peacock feathers in her home, and I cannot think of a more glamorous way to dress up a sitting room. Obviously the motif has become very popular, as Matthew Williamson's (not so new) line for H&M, sported several of the feathered creatures, as have more than a few feathered headbands at Urban and the infinity classier ban.do. Beautiful, chic, and flamboyant, they have nothing but glamour attached to them. Flannery O'Connor had a life long obsession with them, and I love the association with masculinity. Any way to figure some peacock into your life, and wardrobe, sounds a-okay by me.

{Print via midcenturyjo}


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stand Clear of the Closing Door Please

The New York subway system is a thing of beauty. Efficient, accessible, and (relatively) speedy, it's a dream come true to someone like me who abhors driving. I'm a huge public transportation fan, and every time I'm here I still marvel at just how well designed the whole system is. The new Lexington line will be done by 2015, which is about how long I assume it will take me to get an apartment close enough to take advantage of it.

{Excellent poster, created in response to 9/11, via Milton Glaser Works}


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shnuggled Up

". . . we would be together and have our books and at night be warm in bed together with the windows open and the stars bright."  

From Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, and also my idea of bliss.


Perfect for Father's (Day), Too

Everyone who knows me knows about my affinity for G&T's. They've been my signature drink for what seems like ever, and it's practically the only cocktail I'm interested in. Obviously with summer around the corner I'll be making them by the pitcher.

I've seen this little ice cube tray several times, and I can't decide if I forget to keep ordering it because I have a terrible memory or if it's because I secretly think it's a little morbid. Mostly, though, I think it's probably just clever, and that's good enough for me

Tangueray and tonics for all!


Let's Keep This Party Rolling. . .

. . . because we're still dressed up from last night

This spread was originally featured in New York magazine nearly a year ago (for Fall Fashion 2008), but I can't help but think the totally romantic images are appropriate year-round.

Every time I think of the city I can't help but envision myself poised atop a taxicab in a floor-sweeping Valentino, tuxedoed gentleman at my side. . .

{Images via nymag.com}


It's A Fact

"Every night I pray that people with money get taste, and that people with taste get money," says interior designer John F. Salaiphdino.

Ain't that the truth.

{Image via Condé Nast Store}

Always Sunnier in CT

I love everything about Connecticut. The proliferation of Neo-Georgian homes, tennis clubs, and general preppy vibe make me feel more at home then, well, home. That and the fact that it's but a 90 minute train ride to myfavoriteplaceintheentireworld (NYC!) makes it an ideal place to spend a weekend or more if you have the time. Thanks to my incredibly generous family, I'm lucky enough to visit often and spend time much time roaming the streets of Fairfield County

Note: The house above is actually in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, another enclave widely known as a preppy paradise. Either way, looks like a dream home to me.

{Image via A Wonderful Time}


Summer Staples: Americana Revisited

{Images via GQ}

Friday, June 5, 2009


The boy at the far end of the train car
kept looking behind him
as if he were afraid or expecting someone

and then she appeared in the glass door
of the forward car and he rose
and opened the door and let her in

and she entered the car carrying
a large black case
in the unmistakable shape of a cello.

She looked like an angel with a high forehead
and somber eyes and her hair
was tied up behind her neck with a black bow.

And because of all that,
he seemed a little awkward
in his happiness to see her,

whereas she was simply there,
perfectly existing as a creature
with a soft face who played the cello.

And the reason I am writing this
on the back of a manila envelope
now that they have left the train together

is to tell you that when she turned
to lift the large, delicate cello
onto the overhead rack,

I saw him looking up at her
and what she was doing
the way the eyes of saints are painted

when they are looking up at God
when he is doing something remarkable,
something that identifies him as God.

-Billy Collins


{Image via Le Love /// Prose via Nine Horses: Poems}

Bells and Banjos

In honor of the 1963 film featuring two of my all-time favorite actors, Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood. Fairly difficult to find - with used VHS copies popping up for about $26 - but definitely, definitely worth it

Talk about iconic.