Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I frequently become obsessed with things. Though I joke about my obsessive personality, I really can't get something off my mind until I've become bored of it. And so begin my "obsessed" segments. First up. . .

Ballet! Cannot.get.enough. Who would have thought after all these years I'd be locked in my room reading Balanchine books again. Watched two documentaries in as many days (Étoiles - Dancers of the Paris Opéra Ballet and The Dancer, both quite good), went to see a performance of the New York City Ballet, and can't quite stop returning to Ballet Alert!, a website dedicated entirely to dissecting dance in it's many facets. In honor of my favorite pasttime, a few photos

{Suzanne Farrel, then of NYCB, with George Balanchine during rehearsal}

{Yuan Yuan Tan of San Francisco Ballet on stage}

{Irina Dvorovenko of ABT in rehearsal}


{Images via ABT, Ballerina Gallery, Marc Haegeman}


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